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Clean and protect your PC and web browsers


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Yet Another Cleaner (YAC) is a comprehensive utility designed to eliminate all of the malware infecting your PC, from viruses installed on your hard drive to malicious plugins on your web browser. YAC enables you to delete all kinds of viruses for free, no matter where they are.

This software will clean and protect your system from those annoying toolbars and start pages that you don't even want on your computer, but that were installed there without your permission.

YAC doesn't just include functions to delete junk files and malicious elements, but also helps you free up additional space on your hard drive. The program inserts a small icon on your computer screen that is always superimposed over the rest of its tabs that allows you to accelerate your RAM at any time.

The cleaner can also scan your PC with a quick scan or a more thorough scan that won't let any suspicious elements fall through the cracks. And, as you clean up your computer you can configure which plugins and complements you want to be using, and which should remain inactive.

Yet Another Cleaner features a very intuitive interface from which you can administer all of your options with just a click while you decide which type of scan you want the program to run.